Jennika's Art Portfolio 1st semester 2016-2017


Hi, my name is Jennika Wolters, I am a freshman and when I grow up I want to be a kindergarten teacher because I like teaching and helping children. I decided to take this elective because I wanted to be with my friendso and I had an empty elective slot on my schedule. When I started this semester I had very little drawing experience and I wasn't very good, but since then I have improved a lot a because and I really like this class. I hope you enjoy my art portfolio.

The photos my drawings were based off of.

Elements of drawing

Contour lines

One of the first things that we were taught this semester were the different types of contour lines and how they effect the way a drawing looks. We had to draw a shell four times, each time using a different type of line. (Bold, broken, pure or lost and found)

Blind contour

While drawing we were taught to focus on the object we are drawing and we learned this by doing blind contour, it was really hard not to look and I did that a few times but I learned that it was easiest to not lift the pencil off the paper.

Upside down contour

A key element to drawing an object is to focus more on the shape than what the object is supposed to look like, for this project we had to copy down a picture of a horse and a baker by looking at it upside down, this had us focusing more on the shape of the lines that what it's actually supposed to look like.

Major pieces

Hand drawings

Our first big project we did was drawing our hands, we made them look realistic by using value and focusing on the shape. This is what my hand looked like before and below is my final piece.

Negative vs POSITIVE space

For this project we learned about the difference of negative and positive space, by using value, shape, texture and color, we were able to point out the difference and how both are important. On one half of the drawing we had to draw the object and the other half we did the space around it.


For the stippling project we focused on darker value with dots, stippling means to draw with dots. by making the dots closer together we created darker value. The farther away they were the lighter it looked.

Still life

For out midterm project we did a still life piece, by looking at the pile of random objects in the middle of the room and copying the shape I was able to draw what I saw from my point of view.

Scratch bOard

My favorite piece that I made this semester was the scratch board, by applying light and heavy pressure and focusing on my spacing and placement of the lines I was able to show the different light and dark values. I also used cross hatching on the hands so that they didn't look they grew hair on them.

2 point perspective

For this project we had to pick a random doorway thoughtout the school and draw it by focusing on the horizon line and vanishing points I was able to draw my doorway at the correct angles so it looks more realistic.


For this project we had to draw a side view of either yourself or a friend, I chose to draw my friend Bethany, the main focus of this project was to get the angles and value correctly to make the face look correct. We had to focus on shadows and use a lot of blending to get everything just right.

Self portraiTs

When I started this art class I was terrible at drawing people, whoever I drew looked awful and unrealistic but after weeks of lessons of learning how to blend and focus on value and shape I was able to improve tremendously. Below is what my final piece looked like, I focused on the shape, size and placement of all my features so it sort of looks like me.

Ruscha ribbon Drawing

Our last drawing we did was a drawing of a word that described ourselves or something that was important to us. I chose the word happy because I am a generally happy person and I think that is a major part of me. We also had to form the word so it looked "happy"

By creating the word I chose out of paper and placing it under a light I was able to create a lot of value and show that the form was 3D.

Other pieces

Learning to draw facial fEatures:

A random sphere



This semester we created many fun projects, some turned out better that others and there were some struggles like getting the shape 100% correct, making sure the value is perfect, worrying about placement and that it looks realistic, messing up a lot, going through like 20 erasers and always leaving pencil marks from pressing to hard. Okay so maybe there was a lot of struggles. But this class has been one of my favorite classes so far, I always wanted to leave for school early to get to see my friends and keep working on my project and I got to draw a lot of fun things, I was constantly with at least one of my best friends and I learned so much! Plus some of my pieces turned out pretty decent. I will always remember beginning drawing.

Portfolio made by jennika wolters

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