Chemical Reactions By: Julia, Leia and Lindsay

Five Types of Reactions

Synthesis- Two reactants combine in order to form a single product. Ex: H2+ O2= H2O

Decomposition- One reactant decomposes into two or more products. Ex: H2O= H2+ O2

Single Replacement- when one element combines with a compound and replaces another element in that reaction. The four types are metal-metal, active metal replacing H from water, active metal replaces H from acid and halide-halide replacement. Ex: Li+ NaCl= LiCl+ Na

Double Replacement- two compounds react and the positive and negative ions switch places. Reaction happens when the following is produced: H2O, a gas and a precipitate (solid). Ex: NaOH+HCl= NaCl+H2O

Combustion- A hydrocarbon reacts with oxygen with the products always forms carbon dioxide, water and energy. Ex: C4H8+ O2= CO2+ H2O

Activity Series with SR

If the element doing the replacing is above the other element then it can be replaced. Ex: Li + MgO= Li2O + Mg

If the element doing the replacing is below the other element then it cannot be replaced. Ex: Mg + Li2O = NR

Solubility Rules

It is soluble if...

  • It is a Nitrate, Acetate, Ammonium, and all Group 1 (A) salts
  • If it is a Chloride, Bromide, or Iodide except if any of those reacts with Silver, Lead, or Mercury
  • If it is a Sulfate except if it reacts with Calcium, Strontium, Barium, Mercury, Lead (II), and Silver.
  • If it is a Fluoride except Group 2, Lead (II), and Iron (III)
  • If it soluble you put (aq) behind the compound. Aq stands for aqueous.

Insoluble if...

  • If it is a Carbonate or Phosphates except for Group 1 and Ammonium
  • If if it a Hydroxide except Group 1, Strontium, Barium, and Ammonium
  • If it is a Sulfide except Group 1, 2, and Ammonium
  • If it is an Oxide except Group 1
  • If it is insoluble you put (s) behind the compound. S stands for solid.


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