My Tour of The Harn ~Ana arnillas~

Medium and Technique of the Art

Geographies by Celeste Roberge.

This piece at first glance is very AMBIGUOUS,do you really know what you're looking at?

If I were to have seen this online, it wouldn't have caught my interest as much due to it's abstract appeal. However, in a museum composed of pale walls and silky wooden floors I was curious to see why this was barred off and needed to dig further. It wasn't until I read the description that I was amazed. Art truly is an individualistic PERCEPTION, never would I have guessed this represented the origin of life. Each egg containing an element of this earth. This technique of simplicity and reasoning along with the materials used amazed me. I began to wonder why this was created by Celeste, why she wanted to replicate the origin of life in this way. I was confused but INTRIGUED and a part of me wondered how I would have presented this same concept.

Design of the Museum

Different rooms, same space.

The Art of Space Itself.

The Harn museum is the architects and curators contribution to it's overall appeal . Walking through the halls and different rooms, each one provided the tone for the art work hung up. As seen in the pictures above, each topic was introduced with different colors and lighting giving the art more power. The first room contained the silky wooden floors and pale walls, giving the angelic sculpture more purity and the paintings more depth in the wall with the clear contrasting tones. However, in the second room the walls are beige with dim lighting shining to the central theme "Latin America" creating that feeling of the spotlight on such a culture. Lastly, The African traditional pieces were all in a Maroon room, an intense color for such an interesting culture, full of unique traditions and attire. This whole space was used so specifically and intelligently, every square foot crafted in simplicity yet provided so much more. Walking though the Harn, I felt as if everything that I walked past had a story, a meaning I had yet to find. The exhibit was every empty space and every piece contributing to the overall atmosphere.

Art and Core Values

Guerrilla Girls & The Fight for Equality.

when will FEMINISM be taken seriously, the fight lives on.

The most appealing art to me was that which contained the theme of equality. The first piece that caught my attention was from the Guerrilla Girls series, It was so bold and brave. It's banner on the wall was almost as big as the message that it was trying to relay. It was there to spark a response from any one that walked it's path, and many did, some unbothered who moved on fast or others that I heard say to a friend "THAT one made me MAD!" when pointing at a piece with quotes from celebrity idols that defied woman. It was then that I knew I had to become more of an activist in this movement. It was clear to see things need to improve when such a big space in this museum got such a tiny response from people. I believe that even though people have clear facts and statistics on this matter, no one will see the inequality till decades pass, this is why I vow to take a stand and start encouraging change. Further fuel was added to this thought, when i began to see more pieces with the same concept. The picture above of a tattoo on a woman's stomach, is titled "I am Not a Persian Carpet#2" that explores the Middle Eastern stereotype of how women are seen in certain cultures. It is challenging traditional views of how women are not to be seen in such clarity and thus also speaks volumes about the issue at hand. An issue that calls for change and through art it is starting to begin.

Art and the Good Life

Hidden thoughts

There are many things we don't want people to know, but someday we let it all out.

In Good Life our first module discussed the theme of "Seeking" whether it was a new beginning or enlightenment. It involved the topic of starting over and seeing where life can take you and the benefits of new experiences. In this work by Toshiko Takaezu, White Closed-Form Vessel I found the same message being relayed. This looked like an Urn to me initially, but soon after I discovered it was more than that. It is Toshiko's life, It was a part of her. Below the paint lay her thoughts and worries, one could never know about unless the vessel was broken. It was this thought that struck out at me the most, how she could bare all to this one piece and have the chance of someone finding out that below the paint was her heart. In a way, it was beautiful. Maybe she wanted someone to come and find all her secrets and set her free from them once reveled through shattering her masterpiece. She would be able to start anew, to not have all her thoughts hidden away anymore, but free. In Good Life we see the importance of accepting yourself and making your path. In this vessel, we see how she risks people knowing her worries yet allows her art to set her free. In retrospect, I can now see that that is what art is all about. Art is not about how you want other people to feel once created, but how you feel when you create it, the feeling of relief and being set free, and thus indulging in the Good Life.

Some other pictures from the Harn (:


-Art work not by me -Mediocre pictures by me

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