European Soccer By John walsh

My survey was about European football and people's predictions for tournaments and league. The reason I had chose European football for my survey is because I love sport of football. If I could I would play it 8 to 12 hours a day. I would love to go professional at football and make it my career. European football is known to be the world’s best football. I truly just love the sport of football.

I received eighteen different responses on my ten question survey. With my survey I was trying to see how accurate the predictions would be by the end of the 2016-2017 season. I wanted to see how well average Americans know European football. I wanted to what other people thought about how might win the leagues and tournaments across Europe. With my results I got to see other predictions for possible champions. Most of my personal predictions for league and tournaments were among the popular vote.

In my survey some of the popular response surprised me. For example the highest vote was for Arsenal to win the English Premier League, when I think Chelsea is going to win the EPL . Most of my results had a clear favorite winner. Expect in who is going to win Spain’s La Liga both Real Madrid and Barcelona got the same percentage of vote with 33.3% . I do Barcelona is going to win La Liga. I will just have to wait and see to look at how accurate the predictions were.

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