The Haarlem Home Transforming Vocational Training in Agriculture

Haarlem, 7 December, 2019. The Jacobs family in Haarlem, South Africa, is now the engine of Learning Academy Worldwide's Vocational Training in Agriculture initiative in that region. Chanelle Jacobs, mother to Monique, one of the students, will provide support and leadership over the next year as they increase their knowledge and skills in agriculture toward entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

The house where the students will meet for regular studies using web-based, off-the-grid communications solutions and in-person training is itself located on a fertile piece of land of around 1300 m². This will now be the community's first-of-a-kind laboratory to learn and teach more about conventional- and modern farming. It will be both practical and theoretical training. The adjacent picture will need to look decidedly different a year's time from now.

This model advocates for true freedom and flexibility in vocational training in the HAARLEM community where their own land becomes an asset to convert into produce for local and regional markets.

The young students will over the next months sharpen their research skills as they work through Frank Sesno's book, Ask More.

From left to right, Monique Ressouw (18) , Tania Phillips (24) and Celestie Esau (20) stands with Theo van Rensburg Lindzter and the young Luciano Jacobs (sibling to Monique). During the visit, Learning Academy Worldwide handed over the MacBook Pro and modem to enable the students to use the devices as communications tools for teaching and learning.


Pictures by Learning Academy Worldwide