The Qin Dynasty By noah johnston


Politics is easily the most important part of P.E.R.S.I.A. because they were able to keep peace throughout the land with politics. They melted down unneeded weapons to promote peace and took weapons from those who were not in an army. "All unnecessary weapons were confiscated and melted down to promote peace throughout the empire. It was illegal to own a weapon if you were not in the army." (AncientChina, N.D.) They were also able to make a 4700 mile road to ease travel. "A 4,700 mile network of roads was developed to ease travel in the empire and to the frontiers." (AncientChina, N.D.)


The terra-cotta soldiers were some of the most amazing creations that the Chinese created since the Qin dynasty. They protected the Chinese people and were all amazing pieces of work. "This tomb reflects the character of the Chinese emperor and his unending desire to be immortal. The terracotta army also exemplifies what Chinese society at that time was able to produce once it had been formed as a state." (, N.D.)


The Qin dynasty was the first to create currency between one another. "Currency was unified by Emperor Qin Shi Huang after he unified China. Gold was considered as high-grade currency, and "banliang", the round copper coin with a square hole in the middle, was regarded as low-grade currency; they were circulated nationwide." (, N.D.)


Religion was important due to the creation of the Mandate of Heaven. This was used to worship the gods, without it the Chinese ruler are not allowed to do so. "When the Qin state emerged victorious from the Warring States period in 221 BCE, the state's leader, King Zheng, claimed the Mandate of Heaven and established the Qin Dynasty." (, N.D.)


They made the type of education that was called legalism. This was a harsh and difficult type of schooling. This was the extent of the intellect (in my opinion)

Social structure

There was a ruler, a low class, and a high class of people.

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