Internet Scams

Internet scamming is where people will use the internet to try to hoax you into giving them information so that they can steal your money, your identity or lead you into allowing them download software or virus' onto your device.

Internet scamming is becoming more and more common as we rely more on our technology

In 2016, $83,563,599 has been stolen due to internet scammers

These are the most popular types of scams on the internet^

In the US, more than 25.6 million people are affected by internet scammers

One Man Getting Scammed Out of Thousands:

The man first realized that money had been taken from his account. From there he called the bank to freeze his account. The frauds had already changed his account details, contact numbers, and address. This allowed them to intercept any information that the bank tries to give him. He had to get the police to clean up his PC security. He lost almost $2900 from them. Even more, on his birthday they hacked his Facebook and asked for money. The scammers succeeded and stole almost $1000. The police have still not been able to catch them.

For more on this story go to:

This is a documentary on someone who was internet scammed:

To avoid being scammed, make sure you:

- Don't make business deals with people you've never met

- Don't share any details on your bank accont online

- Don't click on pop up ads

- Create different high security passwords for each account

If you've been scammed, visit this link to help:

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