Good Life:FLMNH Kieran Jacobsen

Nature on Display

The super-size underwater exhibit appealed to me the most. It showed an underwater ecosystem scaled up in size so you could see the parts of the ecosystem that you normally wouldn't focus on in life size. I enjoyed learning about the small things that had a big impact on the ecosystem. This relates to life because small changes, things or events can have big impacts on your life. If the exhibit was normal sized than it probably wouldn't have focused on this small and important life forms. I grew up with the ocean and my finger tips so seeing an underwater ocean exhibit made the museum visit better.

Nature and ethics

While in the Butterfly Rainforest I was able to be a part nature in the way that Leopold recommends. We were not allowed to touch anything, only to observe, respect and admire the beautiful butterflies. We were essentially "memebers of the biotic community". It made me feel small, like nature was in power. I thought to myself that nature is always more powerful than man, and that we should stop fighting it and be one with it. I feel as if other people felt this too while walking around the museum, if nature can do all of this, why do we treat it so badly? The museum allowed us to view the powerful and majestic ways of nature all at once and left us in awe. The visit to the museum reminded me that I must be a caretaker of nature and the world, not a conqueror.

Nature and the Human Spirit

During my visit, I witnessed many majestic and mysterious things. For example, the cocoons of the butterflies amazed me. How they can evolve to form a cocoon in the shape of a leaf perplexes me to no end. Seeing the cocoons and the butterflies hatching made me realize the true majesty of nature. I did not feel ordinary at the museum, I felt as if I was apart of something awesome. I understood that I was blessed to be surrounded by nature and all of its beauty. I now know that I too have the ability to turn into a butterfly ;)

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