My name is Alessandra Bomeny and photography is something that has always been present in my life, even as a hobby for more than 20 years. The will to photograph has become a necessity because of the pleasure it gives me. I love to use natural light, but I believe we can improve the quality by adding methods of artificial lighting too. Not to mention that you can create different moods for each session. This requires creativity, study, equipment and passion.

PRIVÉ SERIES is something that I love. My clients are real women and my passion is to make sure that you know how perfect and beautiful you are. I always say that Privé is like going to a therapy session. You realize how gorgeous you are when you get to see yourself captured in your natural moment. I can see beauty in you, and I want you to see what I see through my lens.

How it works:

1. Beauty: come with your make & hair already done

2. Outfit: bring clothes that you are comfortable with. Send me pictures first so we could discuss

3. Looks: 4 looks per session

4. Timing: The session usually takes 2 hours

5. Location: client’s place or we can choose together a nice place

6. What is included: 20 pictures with post production in high resolution and about 100 pictures without retouching in good quality

7. Investment: Get in touch!

Contact me for more information

Alê Bomeny

+1 (786) 603-6192


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