Poems by blake schmieder


I like to ride so fill my tank

If you ride good we can make some bank

Smell the gas smell the stank

Pullin up im the highest rank

You like the smell of the gas

Ill pass you and leave you in last

You say your in first but you I just passed

I pass you by while hanging a wheelie

Holding them at 12 o clock and your like really

Riding fast it feels chilly

Going fast holding the bars

Riding faster than many cars

Jump into the air soaring through the stars


I feel you when I am worried

I feel you when I am afraid

I feel you when I am in need

I feel you when I am winning a football game

I feel you when I accomplish a goal

I feel you when I score a touchdown

I need you when I reach the goal line of the endzone

I need you when I am in danger

I need you when I am playing sports

I need you when I go on adventures

I feel you when I set foot on a football field

I need you when I try new things

I battle you when I don’t want to accept the truth

I push you away when I am feeling down

I want you to be with me before my football games

I want you to be with me throughout my life

I need you during my football games

I need you when I ride my dirtbike


See it rollin down the street

Listen and hear the tires screech

Drifting corners is hard to teach

You see me drivin my lifted beast

You hear my sound system playing loud

Listen up as I attract a crowd

My big wheels keep rollin

Ridin in it like its stollin


Gettin on the lift

Hope your legs arent feeling stiff

Dont catch and edge of you might biff

Watch out for that cliff

My board freshly waxed and ready

The conditions lookin steady

Riding through powder

When I hit ice it gets louder

Spraying you with snow

Your cold yes i know

Follow my steady flow


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