Nuclear arms Race TO THE FINSIH

Goal: Realize the importance of the nuclear arms race, and it's impact on daily life on the 20th century and 21st.

Objective: Explore the origins of the beginning of the nuclear arms race.

Teaching standards number 4. Societies experience continuity and change over time.

Essential question: Why would we need such unnecessary weapons during a time of peace?


Read as to why the world of the 21st century still needs Nuclear weapons.

learn as to why the world developed such weapons capable of wiping out the human race several times over.

Lastly discover the true power of the nuclear bomb.

The Manhattan Project was what started the whole issue of Nuclear weapons. here you will dicover the purpose for building such a terrible weapon. ://

The total cost of the ensuing nuclear arms race was drastic, yet was not even considered when financing the budget from the start of development to the end of the race in 1989. Use this information and the information from the last page to draw similarities between the need for arms and the cost of them in the long run.

Lastly you will arrive at the conclusion of what does the true power of Nuclear weapons are and what they are capable of. This will help shape your mind around the catastrophe that could arise from a full scale nuclear war. using your knowledge from the previous two sites and the knowledge from this one you'll discover that nuclear weapons must be destroyed.

Assignment: The student is to assess the situation regarding the continued development of nuclear weapons in the 21st century despite the fear continued fear of global destruction. Coming to a conclusion on whether they are needed anymore or not.

Assignment Evaluation: The student shall be graded based on an essay consisting no less than five pages of why the world does or does not need Nuclear weapons.

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