My Sisters Adversity bY:AARON aSPRELLI

To me adversity means someone has a problem that they overcame or dealt with; something that can stop them from doing something.
After my sister was born in 1990, she went home to west haven,ct and was raised there her whole life.
After mty sister graduated from west haven high school she went on to go to college at uconn in Storrs,CT
now on to my sister's adversity.
Back in 2012, my sister and 3 of her friends went out to get something to drink when they got there the bar lost power because of the hurricane so they left when they all left they were walking back to my sister's car and a group of people were following them then that group stoped my sisters group and started talking to them a couple mintues later they jumped my sister and her group two of my sisters freinds ran away just in time so it was just my sister and her sister had two girls on her beating her up.
Next to my sister was her friend he was getting jumped by 3 guys because they thought he was gay even though he wasn't after the boys were done they started jumping my sister after all that was the the group left so then my sister called the cops/ambulance and they brought her and her friend to the hospital.
My sister's friend went home with some bruises and minor cut's and scprapes how ever my sister went home with a concussion,cuts,bruises,and a scar.
After all that my sister's college said that she could not come back to college till those other people graduate then she could come back to campus and also so she could heal so right there she had to wait like a year so instead of sitting in the house like a bum she went back to college but not uconn she went to community college till the other people graduated and so my sister graduated from community college and then she went back to uconn to keep changing what she wanted to be and then finally chose to be a Nutrional scientists and got her bachlor's.
But that was my sisters adversity and how she over came it and became better than those other people.
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Aaron Asprelli


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