Collin Newman Drawing & Painting 1

Contour Painting
One Point Perspective Hallway Drawing
Self Portrait


Where do you see the most growth/improvement from your pre-assessment to your final? What most surprises you?

In this project, I feel that I improved the most with the proportions of the face. This surprised me a lot since I previously didn't know what the proportions of the face were. This project helped me learn how to draw a face correctly and with good detail.

When looking at your final portrait, in what areas do you think you still need to improve?

I feel that I need to improve on keeping the face and face features symmetrical.

When looking at both drawings, what are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of the shading and creating the "3D" form of the face and head.

Cubism Project


Where do you see the most artistic growth?

I see the most artistic growth in the cubism project and the portrait project since I learned how to draw a face in the portrait project and learned how to make abstract drawings in the cubism project.

What are some areas you are still struggling with?

I feel that I am still struggling with shading. I have smooth shading, but I don't expand it enough to make the drawings "pop". As well, I struggle with darkening the drawing, instead of just making a light sketch.

What has been the most helpful to you in class?

I felt that the portrait project was very helpful to me. the project and the class helped me to learn and to practice how to draw a face with the correct proportions and detail.

What do you wish you learned that you didn't?

Although I felt the class was wonderful in helping me spread my ways of making art, I wish I could've learned how to make different forms of shading, such as more practice in cross hatching, stippling, blending, etc.

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