Reading Newsletter Eagle PrimarY school - NOVember 2020

Welcome to the Eagle Primary Reading Newsletter for November.

Welcome back to the Reading Newsletter. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I completely missed October! It was September, I looked up and realised it was October 19th and I had missed it! Whoops.

I have been consuming my books quite rapidly recently, especially in audiobook format. There is still for me a real joy in having someone else read me the stories, in the same way I enjoy reading stories to children. There is a wonderful escapism to it. Either while I am driving to and from school or just sitting back and relaxing with headphones, I find it a lovely way pass 30-45 mins where I can simply clear my head and rest my mind.

But that's not to say I haven't had the paper books out too - I think I managed 4-5 over half term and may quite possibly added a few to the new books to be read pile. Just don't tell Mrs W. if you see her!

So, into this month's recommendations... I hope you find something to enjoy!

Thank you for reading.

Mr Watson

EYFS Book of the Month

Fox: A Circle of Life Story - Isabel Thomas & Daniel Egneus

In the frost-covered forest of early spring, fox is on a mission to find food for her three cubs. As they grow, she teaches them how to survive in the wild. Until one day, fox dies. Her body goes back to earth and grass and air, nourishing the world around her and bringing the forest to life. Death is not just an end, it's also a beginning.

Fox: A Circle of Life Story answers the big scientific question: What happens when we die?

Bringing together an evocative non-fiction narrative with breath-taking illustrations, this book will help parents and children to talk about life and death. It introduces the scientific concept that death leads to new life, and that this way of understanding the world is no less beautiful and awe-inspiring than traditional stories.

Fox: A Circle of Life Story unites story and science to explain this big concept to children who have lost a pet or a loved one, or who simply are curious about death and what happens after we die.

MR WATSON SAYS: This book is as beautiful as it is delicate. It addresses the issue of death as part of the cycle of life in a way that is careful and scientific - without losing the wonderful storyline. The illustrations by Daniel Egneus all marvelous and allow the reader to explore the tiny details as you follow the story of the fox and fox cubs. It would be a lovely class share in KS1 when looking at lifecycles beyond the usual choices.

LKS2 Book of the Month

Zombierella - Joseph Coelho

The first in a funny, deliciously dark, three-part series of twisted classics, written in verse by award-winning poet Joseph Coelho and illustrated by Freya Hartas.

"Such a fun story with excellent illustrations ... with enough familiarity to feel known but with enough difference to make it quirky and original" Malorie Blackman

A yellow moon hangs in a satin sky the night Cinderella, barefoot and in hand-me-downs, slips at the top of the stairs … and dies. But not for long.

The Shadow of Death arrives to breathe life back into her bones and, for three nights only, Cinderella goes forth as ZOMBIERELLA. With her skin as cold as ice and her faithful horse Lumpkin back by her side, can she seek revenge on her three cruel, fake sisters, once and for all?

Crawl out of the grave and step into your mushroom carriage for this haunting and humorous adventure of the undead girl searching for her happily ever after.

MR WATSON SAYS: OK, so I am perhaps a month late with this one - it would've been perfect for Hallowe'en! But I read it in early September, so I don't think there's that much of an issue. Joseph Coelho is creating a set of these fairy tales 'gone bad' and this is the first - it is witty, funny, clever and brilliantly written in verse, making it a long poem as well as a story. I loved it - so much I read it again straight away to really appreciate the poetic style. Fab book to share!

UKS2 Book of the Month

A Pinch of Magic - Michelle Harrison


'A SPELLBINDING STORY, STEEPED IN MAGIC. I ADORED IT' - Abi Elphinstone, author of Sky Song

Three sisters trapped by an ancient curse.

Three magical objects with the power to change their fate.

Will they be enough to break the curse?

Or will they lead the sisters even deeper into danger? ...

The first in an enchanting new series from Michelle Harrison, author of the bestselling THIRTEEN TREASURES trilogy

Praise for A PINCH OF MAGIC:

'BRILLIANT' Emma Carroll, author of Letters From The Lighthouse

'This delightful tale fizzes with magic and races along at a fantastic pace. This book completely charmed my socks off!' Alex Bell, author of The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

'Simply phenomenal! A breathtaking quest for survival and freedom, bursting with brave heroines, enchanted objects and deadly dangers. And at its heart is a powerful and beautiful message of sisterly love and loyalty overcoming jealousy and betrayal' Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs

'What a glorious book this is! I was utterly captivated by the Widdershins sisters' Lisa Thompson, author of The Goldfish Boy

'Take three sisters, add the cruelest of curses and a pinch of magic, and you’ll have a tantalising tale you cannot put down' Tamsyn Murray, author of Completely Cassidy

‘Gutsy and rude, full of warts-and-all family love, Harrison’s latest has the wry enchantment of an E Nesbit classic’ Guardian

‘A fabulous magical adventure’ Sunday Express

‘Fantasy and adventure appear on every page of this spellbinding tale’ The Daily Mail

MR WATSON SAYS: A child recommended this to me a long time ago and I never really got around to reading it. However, after a slow start this book rapidly becomes a fast paced, hectic adventure/race against time. There’s magic, but not too much. There’s peril, but just enough. There’s a mystery, but not contrived. There’s anger, fear, sadness, love, joy and relief, but all in appropriate measure. Definitely worth picking off the bookshelf!

Author of the Month

Katie & KeVin Tsang

A few books by Katie & Kevin Tsang

Katie and Kevin Tsang are children’s authors, parents, and adventurers. Katie is originally from California and also writes YA as Katherine Webber. Kevin was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

They met many moons ago studying abroad in a magical place called Hong Kong. Since then, they’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world together, live on three different continents, and even get married. They now live in London with their baby daughter. They spend their days making up stories and thinking about what they want for dinner.

MR WATSON SAYS: Katie and Kevin write consistently funny, engaging and enjoyable stories - I have read a few of the Sam Wu stories now and they are guaranteed to make you giggle. They create stories in worlds that are easy to understand and live in and the stories always leave you smiling and knowing that you had a rip-roaring time!

Your Recommendations...

Staff recommendation:

Recommended by Miss Jess

Miss Jess says: I read 'The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle’ by Gemma Hatt during lock down and loved it! Almost The Goonies meet Tintin, lots of twist and turns, brilliant for young minds who love an adventure! Clue finding and pranks too. It relates to a lot of Egyptian history as well which really appealed to me. There are two more in the series which I haven't got my hands on yet.

What book adventures have you been on?

Of course this Newsletter shouldn't be just about my choices.

I would love to hear recommendations from you too.

If you have read and enjoyed a book and think that someone else might enjoy it too, then share the name of the book and author with me, along with a brief summary of the plot and why you think someone else would enjoy the book.

Share the love of books.

You can E-mail your ideas, recommendations and reviews to: mike.watson@eagle.lincs.sch.uk

Remember as always, reading is a beautifully subjective thing... if you don't like a book, think about why before giving up.

Might it be worth another chapter?

Do you understand what is happening?

Use these thoughts to shape your future choices.

Mr Watson

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