Goochland Day Hosted by GHS PTSA

Held annually on the Saturday before Mother’s Day

Included a parade, vendors, food, and music

Brought the community together

Why did GHS and GHS PTSA want to bring back Goochland Day?
  • Goochland Day was a beloved event that many long term or lifelong Goochlanders recall
  • GHS was looking for a flagship event that would foster comradely and giving within the community, for the community
  • Goochland is asking for Goochland Day as there have been many active threads on social media regarding why is was not an annual event
Goochland Day Reboot May 5, 2018
  • Initial location was middle school/high school complex, utilizing all of the property from 9 am – 3 pm.
  • Included vendors, food, inflatables, Knockerball, crafts, community organizations, music by Spencer’s Treblemakerand students, and baseball game doubleheader in the stadium
  • Assistance from Goochland Parks & Rec
  • Discussions with county admin in 2017
  • Small start to get it going anew
  • Grow the event year over year
  • Lessons learned – time was too early in the day and not on the traditional day
Goochland Day May 11, 2019
  • Location was again middle school/high school complex and stadium
  • Included many more vendors, community service groups, food trucks, crafts, several types of live music, animal petting zoo, and children‘s entertainment.
  • Assistance from GC Parks & Rec with tables and chairs
  • Showed significant growth in attendance over prior year (3,500)
  • Continue to nurture and grow the event so that many more community groups will engage in the planning committee and potentially include parade in subsequent years
  • Page hits of 14,500 with 1,200 interested or attending in the week before the event
The Purpose

Goochland Day is not to make money. It is intended to showcase the best Goochland has to offer through its local businesses and not-for-profits. It is a day of family fun and wholesome entertainment.

Goochland Day May 9, 2020

Requires fundraising of $21,000 cash to cover event cost

Current Facebook Stats: 51,200 - 2,191 interested

Anticipated attendance: 3,500 – 10,000

Financial support to cover cash outlay for Goochland Day

Goochland County related costs - 5k

Entertainment costs – 5k

Marketing costs – 3k

Insurances and other costs – 5k

Please feel free to ask questions

Please feel free to email Elizabeth Nelson-Lyda at enl@acumentech.net or call (804)439-4591


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