Childhood Obesity Parents play the biggest role of all

Parents play one of the largest roles of all, as they decide what their children take in for food an nutrients.
Parenting styles decide a child's thoughts on junk foods and forms of entertainment when they have time off.

Many choices are available to children each day to make a choice to either eat healthy or fatty foods.

  • The United States has a 29% increase in obesity numbers over adults from other parts of the world.
  • Also, we have a 15% increase in childhood obesity when looking at combined percentages from other parts of the world.

A good example of poor parenting is parents who use the Television as a babysitter. They do not push students to be active and go outside, but instead find it easy to have them just watch T.V.

Society creates a accepted physical image for children and adults alike. So it is a parents job to take good care of their children and look out for what is best for them both physically and emotionally.

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