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More than a decade ago and under another banner, we were involved in the rebranding of First National Bank of Marin, eventually landing on the name Credit One Bank and a logo that is far more familiar to you than it probably should be, thanks to the world's biggest credit card company, Capital One, which incredibly launched their current logo two years after ours hit the streets. But with Credit One's new, highly visible headquarters in Southwest Las Vegas and its high-profile sponsorship of the darlings of the National Hockey League - the Vegas Golden Knights - the story somehow seems to have a fresh pair of legs and needs to be retold. Not too long ago, Bloomberg wrote a story about the rebranding and the similarities between the Credit One and Capital One brands. We couldn't be happier to see and read it.


Credit One has an aggressive sponsorship strategy that includes deals with the Vegas Golden Knights and NASCAR. We are not involved, but to see the name and logo in such high profile usage is a source of great pride for us.

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