RABIES NAtalia rivera 3rd hour

EVER SINCE THE BC TIMES, rabies was diagnosed to animals and owners alike.

WHAT is rabies?

a virus transmitted by an animal, that attacks the nervous system and usually takes the life of the victim.

WHAT does rabies do to the body?

It travels through the bloodstream and enters the spinal cord and brain (central nervous system). Upon reaching the areas, it begins to immediately multiply and cause inflammation

HOW many people are infected?

About 50,000 yearly around the globe-mainly in Asia or Africa. This is because the population in this continents are not exposed to vaccinations to supress this. The United States is fortunate to only see about 2 deaths annually, thanks to the accessible vaccines available.

HOW does the rabies vaccine work?

It creates neutralizing antibodies thanks to B cells and T-helper cells. The T-helper cells direct other cells such as the B cell to produce antibodies to the enemy (antigens). Fighting the battle of immunity is crucial in surviving the infection.

WHY does the vaccine not infect the host?

The vaccine does not infect the host because it is an inactivated vaccine; the rabies present in the vaccine is dead and will not hurt the victim. Rather, it will provide a safe path to directly confront the virus without the fatal side effects.


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