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This site is specially made for you to give you more information and tips for a holiday to tenerife.

Tenerife the beautiful island

Tenerife is a beautiful island, and it’s always good weather. It’s part of Spain, and it lays next to morocco and it’s part of the Canary islands, Tenerife has about 889.936 inhabitants. There are many hotels, restaurants and shop centres. There are beautiful beaches and the seas are very bright.

The hotels

hotels in Tenerife

The hotels in Tenerife are quite different, you have old and cheap hotels and beautiful and luxury hotels. You have a choice from many different hotels that perfectly fit in your budget or style such as: hotels at the beach,hotels with a large swimming pool, hotels with large beds, only adult hotels and hotels that are also fun for kids.

The beaches

beaches on Tenerife

The beaches on Tenerife are very different and very beautiful and the seas are very bright.You have beaches where the sand is black and is made out of vulcano stones. You als have beautiful white beaches. At some beaches you can rent beds and beach umbrellas and sometimes there are bars with music, drinks and food. The beaches in give you a very tropical feeling.

The vulcane

el Teide

The vulcanes name is in Spanish el Teide. The last explosion was at 8 November 1909, and they say that there will come a new one in 2019. But you don't have to be afraid because if it wil explode the scientist wil know it very early before it will explode. You also can go to the vulcane with a funicular. When your up there you can walk around the vulcane and if you want to see the crater from a really close distance then you have to go with a guid up there.

The activities

there are many activities in Tenerife

There are many things to do on the island like riding with bicycles quads or go on expedition in caves. Also there are many (water)parks like siam park loro park. At the water you also can do many things like go on a banana boat, snorkeling, diving or going on a jet sky. Tenerife has got beautiful new streets in the south and also new shopping centers, everything looks much nicer and more modern.

Festivals and nightlife

papagayo ( left ) is a really populair night club

If you go to Tenerife with carnival you don’t know what you're seeing! It just looks like Brazil, girls with dance suits, big cars and music. Sometimes there are big festivals with dj and that's through the whole year. Tenerife is the populairst island of Europe and there are things to do for every ages. Papagayo is a very populair night club in the south of Tenerife, in the afternoon it's a restaurant and you can eat there.

The holiday

So now you know something more about Tenerife and if you want to go on a holiday to Tenerife then we have some tips for you

Before that you can go on holiday you need a number of things. You have to arrange a hotel for example, maybe restaurants reservation, airline tickets, a date, what useful is to do is to make a list with everything that you want to bring with you on vacation. We are going to help you with all the repairs for the vacation.

The first thing you have to do is to plan a date, if you done that then you have to book a flight an a hotel. The flight takes 4 hours and if you don’t want to spend too much money you can take a flight that stops somewhere on the other islands near Tenerife. Or a flight that flies early, they are cheaper to. If you booked a flight then you are going to look for a hotel.

the second thing you have to do is to pack your bags. What is useful is to make a list with everything that you need for your vacation. If you click on the button than you will see a site with a check list.

If your still not sure if you want to go to Tenerife, then we advise you to go to the site trip advisor. But if you are sure, and the day is there then we advise you to check your list again and don’t forget to close the door! but before you go, you must weigh your suitcases. Because when they are too heavy then they may not go in the airplane. But if you go for a week to Tenerife, you don’t need many clothes because you will buy stuff and if you are most of the time at the swimming pool then you don’t wear many clothes. We have still one tip for if you get hungry in the plane, spread some bread or buy some at the airport. Also you can better go to the toilet before you go on the airplane.

So you are now prepared for the vacation, and you know what to do. You know how de Tenerife looks and you know what you can do at the island. We hope that we helped you and that you have a nice holiday!

are you ready?


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