A Dove Story Mourning Dove Crop Milk

This time of the year we have many different birds razing young. There are some very complicated nests like the Baltimore Orioles or the very simple Mourning dove's collection of a few sticks.

Last year we had a pair of doves attempting to nest in a tree crouch, just a few sticks, they failed.

This year a pair selected a more favorable location and she has been sitting on the nest for several weeks with no sign of anything happening. Yesterday I saw a second head pop up in the nest and then a third, there are at least two squabs.

I had not seen any feeding activity like other birds so I was surprised how large the squabs are. Then I discovered Crop Milk produced by the parents and fed to the young https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_milk

The family out of the nest

Can you find both of the young doves?

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mark helm

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