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During the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2019, the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the University of Virginia will each be making new commitments for climate action, and their sustainability staff want to hear from you – our community – to help inform their efforts.

As we develop new climate goals and climate action plans, we build upon our region’s history of commitments to sustainability and climate action and are collaborating on community outreach. Community engagement and public input are an important part of the collaborative process, and we hope that you will engage to help advance climate action in our region.

Regional Climate Action Planning: Where We Are Now

Because these are global issues that extend beyond jurisdictions and geographical boundaries, the City, County, and UVA will build on past years of commitments – particularly the Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP), a multi-jurisdictional effort completed in 2011. Each organization is working in parallel on specific goals and collaboratively building upon each other’s work...

City of Charlottesville

The City of Charlottesville first committed to greenhouse gas reductions by joining the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in 2006.

This commitment has been restated in the City Council Vision 2025: A Green City, Comprehensive Plans, and by joining the Global Compact of Mayors in 2017. As part of the Global Compact of Mayors, Charlottesville has committed to a phased process for climate action including an updated inventory (by June 2018), setting a new target (by June 2019), and creating a new plan (by June 2020).

An update on the City’s progress was included in the November 19, 2018 City Council Agenda Packet. Draft recommendations for a new GHG reduction goal and second update are part of the May 6, 2019 City Council Agenda.

Albemarle County

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution on September 6, 2017 reaffirming the County’s commitment to addressing climate change. The Board resolved to continue to stand with cities, counties, and other public and private sector partners throughout the world to advance action in accordance with local and international goals.

The current Climate Action Plan process will address a directive in the Board’s FY20-22 Strategic Plan to “develop/implement phase one of the Climate Action Plan to include high-level goals and strategies focused around climate protection and resiliency to locally address climate change.” The resolution further committed to coordinate with community partners and local stakeholders to develop a Climate Action Plan – including a specific target for GHG reduction.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors approved a resolution in 2011 to set a greenhouse gas reduction goal (25% reduction below 2009 levels by 2025), with an update in 2013 to include nitrogen.

In 2015, the University collaboratively developed its first strategic plan for sustainability (UVA Sustainability Plan 2016-2020) and a second, updated, Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (2016). As of calendar year 2017, UVA reduced emissions by 18.9% despite significant building and population growth.

The University expects to meet its reduction goal ahead of schedule and is now in the process of setting a new climate target and developing a new sustainability plan for 2030 and beyond.


Join Us for Climate Mondays at Albemarle County

Albemarle County would like to invite you to participate in Climate Mondays! Climate Mondays are weekly opportunities for the community to hear about and weigh in on strategies to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Every Monday from May through July (except holidays), 5:30 PM, meeting room 235 at the County Office Building at 401 McIntire Road.

Read Up on the City's GHG Inventory and Goals

On July 1, 2019, the City of Charlottesville adopted a new greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal of 45% reduction by 2030 (as measured from 2011) and carbon neutrality by 2050. Next up: developing a Climate Action Plan to propose for adoption by July 2020.

Opportunities for public involvement will be coming up. In the meantime, learn more about the public input the City received that informed this goal, where our emissions come from as a community, and some of the things you can expect the Climate Action Plan to include on the City's Climate Protection Program webpage.

Upcoming TimelineS and opportunities

City of Charlottesville

  • February 14 - March 17, 2019: Public Comment Period on GHG Reduction Goal
  • May 6, 2019: City Council Meeting Agenda Item (Presenting Staff’s Draft Recommendations for a Reduction Goal and Received Public Input Comments)
  • May 1 - May 31, 2019: Public Comment Period on the Draft Recommendations
  • July 1: City Council Meeting Agenda Item (Proposing a Reduction Goal for Adoption) - ADOPTED
  • by June 2020: Climate Action Planning and Climate Adaptation Planning

Albemarle County

  • March 18, 2019, 4:00 to 6:00pm: Public Event for Climate Action Planning (supported by City and UVA sustainability staff). Location: County Office Building, 2nd Floor Lobby, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902
  • March-Summer 2019: Climate Action Planning and Goal Setting – Engagement Opportunities with Sector Teams and Workgroups
  • September 2019: Board Update on Climate Action Plan Draft

University of Virginia

  • Early Spring through Fall 2019: Further Developing UVA’s Climate Action Plans and Commitments


1. How Does Climate Change Affect Us (& What Can I Do)?

Below is a small selection of short videos that provide some basic information about climate change and climate action.

(Produced by KTTZ Texas Tech Public Media and distributed by PBS Digital Studios, any opinions expressed in the videos above are those of the presenter.)

3. What Impacts Can Climate Change Have in Virginia?


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