Vilna Ghetto Tyler, Dylan, and Molly

The number of Jews in the Vilna Ghetto at its height was around 70,000.

What happened to the Jews at the ghettos/during the Holocaust?

The Ghetto itself was separated into 2 ghettos. The first Ghetto was for those capable of work by Nazi standard and the second was for those incapable of work. Some from this Ghetto were sent to labor camps and in the very end, children, elderly, and sick were sent Sobibor. Many were also executed in Ponary over the course of the Ghetto's existence.

These are how the two Ghettos were separated.

They were governed by a Council that made decisions for Nazi officials to limit the amount of bloodshed.

The first Ghetto were assigned to factories or construction projects outside of the Ghetto. The second Ghetto was "incapable of work" and later destroyed.

This is a picture of some of the people that were in Vilna.

The Vilna Ghetto was located in Lithuania.

This is a map of where the Jews came from to go to Vilna.

Ghetto 1 was an open ghetto and ghetto 2 was a closed ghetto that was later destroyed.

The Judenraete organized the Ghetto's food supply.

Interesting Facts: A group called the United Partisan Organization was formed in 1942; they created hiding places for weapons and prepared to fight the Nazis. Many of the Jews in this ghetto were executed in the Ponary forest in the Ponary massacre and other times. This ghetto was divided into 2 different ghettos to divide those capable of work from those who weren't.

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