Extreme Weather! By:SOPHIA & Mya


A tornado is a one of the most violent storms that takes funnel shape and twists around and around. Tornadoes form most of the time by thunderstorms. The main way all tornadoes form is when warm moist air combines with cool dry air.

Safety:Safety is the most important thing while a any extreme weather.It's good to know all safety tips,because you will never know what,when,or where any tornado or extreme weather.Here are a few things :

Make sure on having a radio to hear the latest news.

The most important thing during a tornado is being in a safe place,here are a few places to go during this type of situation:

In a basement or first floor with NO windows,and get in the correct position.

"duck and cover" tornado safety position

In a bathtub with some heavy blankets or pillows

Try to locate a tornado shelter

U.S. Tornado Disaster Statistics Data

Average number of tornado events each year 1,179

Number of people killed 4,795

Average number of people killed per year in a tornado 227

Average payments for damage per year $1,086,575,000

Tornado statistic 2014

Wild Fires

wild fire


A Wildfire is a very fast spreading fire that is very destructive and occurs in the wild.

(these types of fires are extremely dangerous and can occur just before your eyes)

Wildfires can be caused by the forces of nature, but are sadly mostly started by humans


About 90% of wild fires have been caused by us humans

Camp fires left alone can be a way us humans cause the fires because of how irresponsible us humans can be

Littering cigarettes left on the ground that can easily be lit by just a warm breeze

“Hot” lightning bolts can ignite the ground especially when there are high winds and dry air!

Recent occurrences~

Chile has faced awful wildfires that have had more than 90 blazes have burned 180,000 hachters!

effects on people~

Wild fires destroy many trees and ruin our environment and can have many side effects on us humans. With all the fire, many firemen risk their lives to defeat the fire! Just in 2015 alone, 15 firemen died. Theses vicious fires bring lots of smoke into the air which can increase the chances of people to get burning eyes and a runny nose to aggravated chronic heart and lung diseases!

Wildfire Statistics~


A blizzard is a large snow storm with high winds. These are caused when warm air forms OVER cold air.

If you go outside in a blizzard, you may risk getting frost bite and hypothermia.Your roof and windows may break and the repairs for the state or town are going to be expensive especially repairing the power lines and getting all the ice off the road!

people freezing because of the blizzard!



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