Contrast Make Your Pictures Pop

Learning Targets

  1. Define “contrast.”
  2. Recognize how contrast is used in famous artworks from various artists.
  3. Practice creating contrast in your own artwork.

What is Contrast?

Notice how the Mona Lisa’s face is very pale, and surrounded by very dark hair. The difference between light and dark creates contrast, or makes things very easy to see.

This frog shows the OPPOSITE of contrast, which is camouflage. He blends in to the background because he is the same color as the grass he is standing in.

Rembrandt was an artist who was very well known for his use of contrast. He used light and shadow to make the important characters in his paintings pop out. Which people in this painting do you think he wanted you to focus on the most?

Time to Practice

Start by writing your name and teacher’s name at the top of your paper.

Color each house picture with whatever colors you want to use.

Make sure that each picture is colored differently.

Like this.

Now, stand back and look. Which color combinations stand out the most? Which ones camouflage?

Created By
Noel Newquist


Created with images by claude05alleva - "flowers macro nature" • TeroVesalainen - "success goal target" • WikiImages - "mona lisa painting art" • suju - "frog amphibian pond" • WikiImages - "rembrandt van rijn painter artists"