STORIES of success 2018

Your alumni association is so proud to share this look back at the past year’s accomplishments — all made possible because of you. The Buckeye spirit of our alumni, students, faculty and staff fuels all our efforts, from creating life-changing travel experiences to finding new ways to serve our communities together. Enjoy reading these highlights, and remember that you are part of every success story. – Jim Smith '91, president and CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association


Paying forward is the fabric of Buckeye Nation. We understand the power of leadership, and we change the world for the better every day.

One of our signature initiatives is the Buckeyes Give: Month of Service event. Volunteers engage in service opportunities that make a real difference in communities across the country.

Volunteer Relations during the Month of Service, alone:

1,300 volunteers
64 projects
72,000 meals packed in Ohio

It was an eye-opening experience to learn about kids in our area who don't have a safe place to sleep – kids who have never celebrated a birthday. Through the Month of Service, 60 Buckeyes provided first-aid kits, back-to-school kits and birthday gifts for these deserving children. – C.A. '07


Our events celebrate the exchange of ideas, lifelong learning, networking and Buckeye family fellowship.

A standout in a year of engaging events, the Women's Leadership Symposium invited attendees to get connected, feel empowered and leave inspired.

450 Women's Leadership Symposium attendees
1,459 Buckeye Smart events attendees
5,614 early engagement events attendees
41,801 total attendees
181 total events

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do going forward, and your office helped me understand how best to promote myself. My job search is finally over, and as I look back, I see how big of an impact you had on me. In a few weeks, I’ll be starting my new job, and I don’t think it would’ve happened without your help. – P. C. ’15

We wanted everyone going into the garden – whether they were walking through to go to a football game or see their name on one of the plaques – to realize this garden area was special. –A.A. '18, landscape architect


The recently completed Alumni Awards Garden is a testament to 60 years of extraordinary Buckeye graduates who have brought credit to Ohio State through their outstanding accomplishments, whether through service, spirit, citizenship or professional achievement.

This spot of Scarlet and Gray inspiration invites visitors to view the names of 530 past winners and reflect on future possibilities.


Whether Buckeye graduates are navigating the job market for the first time or changing course after decades in one profession, Career Management walks alongside, sharing resources and guidance through networking events, job fairs, individualized advising and outreach.

450 Buckeyes advised
300 career fair attendees
3,146 jobs posted
1,714 event participants

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do going forward, and your office helped me understand how best to promote myself. My job search is finally over, and as I look back, I see how big of an impact you had on me. In a few weeks, I’ll be starting my new job, and I don’t think it would’ve happened without your help. – P. C. ’15

Having the opportunity to represent Ohio State and engage stakeholders to discuss important issues impacting my university and higher education in Ohio has been both a great and educational experience. – K.B. ’08, ’11


Buckeye Advocates understand that with leadership comes responsibility. In that spirit, they actively participate to shape and strengthen Ohio State’s future through public policy.

Whether they’re collaborating with university and government officials at the annual Scarlet and Gray Congressional Breakfast in Washington, D.C., or coming together at the Statehouse in Columbus, our dedicated advocates reinforce Ohio State’s powerful story and work to sharpen the focus on issues that impact the Buckeye community.

5,139 alumni Buckeye Advocates
120 advocates met 75 state officials
134 attended the Buckeye Advocates Fall Forum


It’s both the destination and the journey that make each alumni tour inspiring. Deeply rooted camaraderie brings travelers together to indulge their Buckeye spirit of adventure on land, in the air and by sea.

Alumni Tours is celebrating an anniversary this year — 50 years of volcanic peaks, coral reefs, safaris, medieval cityscapes, exquisite beaches and destinations in all corners of the world.

"As usual, your alumni travel team was wonderful, consistently going above and beyond. The Australia alumni dinners were very nice, and it was great to meet alumni in the host country who were so excited to meet with us. – D.R.

41 countries visited
36 tours
1,145 travelers


Every year, Buck-I-SERV provides students with challenging but enriching opportunities over spring break. They explore social justice issues and participate in active citizenship during these direct-service experiences.

Our alumni welcome these students into their communities, homes and lives by serving as tour guides in new cities, hosting meals and sharing in the chance to pay forward.

My trip was so inspiring. I loved giving back and being part of something bigger. – A.S.

856 students connected with alumni
61 service trips
Thanks to my scholarship, I was able to devote myself fully to my academics and extracurricular activities without being under constant financial strain. – S. L. ’17


Ohio State — home to the most engaged, devoted alumni in the world — is committed to the education and lifelong enrichment of incoming students and new alumni. We pay forward, lift up the next generation of leaders and take pride in everything we do.

1,700 alumni club and society volunteer leaders
1,300 club and society events
120 clubs
48 alumni societies
$810,872 raised for 467 students from clubs and special groups
$439,461 raised for 264 students from alumni societies
17,166 students graduated
Once you start getting involved with the university, it’s this feel-good thing, and you can’t stop. — Kristin Watt '86, chair, The Ohio State University Alumni Association Board of Directors