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Tutor Hook-Up: If you're like me, you would rather catch up on beauty sleep then listen to some boring instructor ramble endlessly on about matrices or covalent bonds. I have and idea that just may be able to help you. Using my app or website we will get you paired up with a "Tutor" that will try and get you A's! And not through a boring lecture. Using cold hard cash. All you have to do is log in and let the passed classes roll!

  • Step one: Create a username and password.
  • Step two: Select the classes you struggle with or do not care for.
  • Step three: Find a "Tutor" of your choice.
  • Step four: Submit a picture of your assignment or prompt, and let the "Tutor" do there magic.

Payment plan: Flat rate of 4.50$ an hour, you submit your assignment and your "Tutor" records the time it takes to finish, you pay up and they come through on there part. How to know they will come though with your assignment do you ask? They must submit the assignment and we must review it before we deposited your money into there account. Tutors may not go over 30$ on one assignment so you won't get hit with an outrageous price, if they are caught lying there account will be discontinued.

If you're smart and want to get paid for doing work try:

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