Hiking in Auyuittuq By: Dana belfiore

Day 1: Today we got Auyuittuqand we did a river crossing hike. One of the hikers almost got swept away by the flowing stream, But he was saved by the guide. We also got very cold during the hike. We were hiking near the after noon so the water level was as high as our knees. Then we set up camp and went to sleep.

Hiking through the streams!

Day two: We set out again and this time the water was low in the morning. We all found walking sticks so that we could cross the treacherous streams and also keep stability on rough terrain. We always carried a two way radio just in case someone got hurt or someone got hypothermia. Which luckily none did.

Our house for the three days

Day three: The last and final hike. We hiked back to the plane in hip waders because we spent until noon packing. The water was really deep and it took us a while to get through knee high water. I think I have a cold from all this hiking through water. Anyway, we saw a polar bear and a lot of beautiful plants and animals in there habitat. We made it to the seaplane and then we had a fun ride back to civilization and the comforts of heat and good food!

The plane! The plane!


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