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In Hebrew, my name can mean many things such as dog, whole or all, or heart. It was a common name in ancient Hebrew. This could also be assumed to mean wholehearted meaning committed, positive, or empathetic. My name in Hebrew is pronounced Colev and In the bible, Caleb was in the tribe of Judah.

I appreciate my name because it means to be committed and empathetic, I also admire my name with a “C” instead of a “K”, just over personal preference. It can mean “a dog” but I like it because it adds a sense of humor to my name. If anyone says “You’re a dog.”, well, I am a dog. My parents also wanted a name from the bible because they are strong believers in Christianity. My mom chose Caleb because her best friend in high school had a middle name Caleb and it was in the bible. My middle name Michael comes from my dad. Michael is my dad’s first name but he goes by Shane, his middle name.

To me, this name does fit me because I do commit to things and I am empathetic to people. I also feel this name fits me because I have been Caleb for fourteen years and if I were to get a different name, it would not feel right. It would be very rude to my parents if I had changed my name because this is the name they gave me.


After ten years of loneliness, I was granted with a new sibling and two years after that, another one. I now have a brother and sister which are very annoying like a little bug biting your leg. They never stop being annoying. Although they might be a little hard to live with some of the times, they are my siblings and I love them.

When I need anything from my brother normally he refuses and runs away and leave me. But as my kind self, whenever he needs something I go and do whatever he wants. Although, my sister is very sweet and nice to me and my brother.


My new kitten was a special kitten. She was a calico kitten so I decided to name her Snickers. I think I got the dumb one out of the bunch. She did a considerable amount of events where I questioned her actions.

When she was a very young kitten, I was filling up her water bowl with a cup of water and she stuck her head under the falling water and freaked out like it wasn't supposed to be wet. Another instance was when she was outside running around, trying to get used to being outside. She was running around doing cat things. Then she tried to jump onto the front porch and like Bambi on ice, she just leaped forward and ran straight into the side of the concrete.

She was an awesome cat even though she would do weird things. Then the day came, she wasn’t even a year old, and she died. Snickers was stung by a bee and we guess she was allergic, and she passed away.


My vignettes are experiences of my life and they made me who I am today. Dealing with death and siblings. With these experiences, I have dealt with my own kitten that I raised passing away and dealing with my annoying siblings. One problem in the book is Esperanza fitting in with her society. I feel like I do not have a problem with fitting in with my society and other people. Another issue in the book was about Esperanza not having a very nice house. I have been effected by this because it is reality and some people have this issue.

My "coming of age" is when I transitioned from 5th grade to middle school. This brought me out of my shell of being shy and quiet. I also loved this transition, not being with the same people and teacher for the whole day, and having a little bit of freedom. I felt like I started to be more independent. The House On Mango Street was a good book and I liked Sandra Cisneros' style that she wrote in. If it was my choice, I probably wouldn't have chose to read it, but it was a nice book to read.

My Dream House
My Dream House

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