Harry Potter's Clemson Adventure By: mIa Studenroth

Harry Potter is so close to having all 7 horcruxes that he needs before he can go hunt down Voldemort and end his life for good. Dumbledore gave Harry the final clue saying that the last horcruex was located "where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness, where the tigers play"

After hours of consulting with Hermione and Ron they all decided that the last clue must be located somewhere at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Harry, Ron, and Hermione fly to from Hogwarts to Clemson on their broomsticks with the mission of finding the last horcrux. They were concerned about being seen at Clemson so they decided they should use polyjuice potion and turn into people that fit in more in Clemson so they didn’t stand out and cause commotion. Hair was collected from Dabo Sweeney, his wife, and Deshaun Watson. After it was added to the Polyjuice potion the three of them transformed.

The other hint that Dumbledore left for Harry was that the horecrux was specifically located in Death Valley and it was a part of a rich Clemson tradition. Once getting to Clemson, and turning into Deshaun, Harry traveled to Death Valley and noticed Howard’s Rock at the top of the hill in the stadium.

After approaching the rock Harry felt the strong connection between him and the rock and he immediately knew that Howard’s Rock was the last horcrux that stood between him and Voldemort. He took out the sword of Gryffindor and struck the rock. Loud screams came from the rock and the sky in Clemson turned dark.


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