Germany Brandon Gentile

The Capital of Germany is Berlan

Berlin was founded in 1237

the german flag has three colors on it red black and yellow

Aere are some German words

This is the Neuschwanstein Castle where a shy king lived and is now a tourist attractions.

Thousands of people crowd into rooms made for one person to live in and to be in the room the castle was owned by a german king and didn't like the public that much so he stayed home a lot.

the biggest war that most people know about is ww2 with germany and japan on one side and the united states and the uk one the other side but in ww1 there was the germans on the wrong side once again

In ww1 the american had to train with bayonets and then they would fight with the guns with bayonets on them .

These two american soldiers are training with bayonets on their weapons.

The main sport in germany is football aka soccer and it is very intense.

Look at these two they look like they're having fun I bet they will be sore after this game

The countryside is very nice and it would be fun to live in for retirement.

This looks amazing imagine a house in the middle of one of those fields
German homes look nice and look small too
These apartments look HUGE :)
the german shepherd is very famous in germany not just because its name but for herding in animals

This nobel winning aurthor is from germany he old thought

His name is Gunter Grass

This actor is a really good actress and stares in one of my favorite movies resident evil.

This is Heike Makatsch

one of the best composers was from germany

His name Ludwig van Beethoven

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