Tour of The Harn by albert tieu

These paintings really stood out to me because if you walk up close you are able to see that the individual details and strokes that make up the structures and the buildings . The black is just the background of the canvas and I think it is incredible how someone is able to outline objects and buildings like that without actually outlining it. It gave me the feeling to think outside of the norm and to visualize surroundings and layouts even if they are not present.

These paintings were astonishing to me because that was what they were, paintings. But the amount of detail that was put into the picture made them look like actual photographs. When I first looked at it I thought it was just the usual "photograph showing perception and depth", etc. After reading the brief statement about the artwork, I was extremely shocked to find out it was a painting. This piece really made me appreciate and recognize the amount of detail that can go into every painting.

Part of the Asian Gallery at The Harn

The artwork in these pictures are examples of some of my core values. The first is a picture of the inscribed texts from Korea. I believe it gives off an example of how important tradition is and that everyone should be aware of the history of their culture and where they came from or grew up in. The second picture gives off a similar vibe to me and that is preservation. Preserving traditions, knowing your roots, being able to identify with those that are similar to you, etc. The third is a statue of the Buddha. The Buddha exhibited many qualities and personality traits as well as teachings that I connect with and so it is a huge part of my core values.

There was an entire gallery at The Harn dedicated to Frida Kahlo. Frida was a Mexican artist and born in Mexico City, 1907. She tied her personal life into paintings, such as her injuries. Her life was not the best, her marriage included many periods of separation and divorce. She also had several health and sickness issues. However despite all of this, I still believe she can be a symbol of the good life in some aspects. She continued followed her passion and left behind a mountain of paintings that told about her journey through life which I believe is one of the important qualities of the good life..


Photos by Albert Tieu

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