Edie Hand has literally written the book on True Grit!

She's an acclaimed celebrity chef, author, philanthropist, speaker, AWM member and businesswoman who's all about family. In fact, Edie's own family includes—the one and only—Elvis Presley.

Edie has traversed through life’s biggest challenges both in her personal and professional life as a small business owner. In today’s 'Big on Small' episode she’ll discuss some of the tools she’s created that has helped her to keep going when many other people would have stopped.

From losing siblings to death, to kicking cancer to the curb—not one, but four times!— and facing devastating business setbacks, Edie knows a thing or two about hard knocks. She shares a whole lot of wisdom around self-limiting beliefs, the role workaholism and other escapes play in poor health and business challenges, and ultimately, the way out.

As small businesses struggle with many uncertainties from the current Covid climate, (tune in) to tap into what Edie calls the "pearls of life" and some of the resources Edie's created to help small business owners just like her—and you—grow their businesses and thrive.

Building a Foundation for Helping Others

The Edie Hand Foundation is a non-profit organization with a focus on various programs geared towards helping children including the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

A Beautiful Legacy of Uplift

Women of True Grit: 40 Famous and Infamous Women Share Real Life Stories with Secrets to Success for All Generations

by Edie Hand, Maya Angelou (Poem Contribution by), Barbara Mandrell (Foreword by), Tina Savas

Edie Hand is the author of many inspiring stories of women and their efforts to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

A Champion for Women

As an honored member of the Alliance for Women in Media, Edie is one of the original founders of the Gracie Awards recognizing excellence in media and entertainment. She also served as a local AWM affiliate president in Alabama.