Rosa Parks By: Avery Tavis

Early Life Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks getting here mug shot in the police station. She was arrested because she didn't give up her seat to a white man.

Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama. Her date of birth is February fourth 1913. Rosa parks didn't Attend a college. When she was younger her parents separated she also had one brother. She married Raymond Parks. Rosa parks attended the school for girls.

Rosa Parks and Why She Is Famous

Rosa Parks getting her finger print done.

Rosa Parks is known as the mother of the civil rights movement. when Rosa parks was asked to give up her seat to a white man she refused. This started the bus boycott. When she was younger she did not think she would make history. When the bus boycott happened she quit her job as a seamstress. She went to jail for only one day but she is very important to all women who still today fight for there rights.

Accomplishments : Rosa Parks

In this picture Rosa parks is giving a speech. As the mother of the civil rights movement she gave a lot of speeches.

The NAACP awarded Rosa Parks the Spingarn medal in honor. One year later the NAACP awarded her with the Martin Luther King Jr medal. Three years later she was introduced into the Michigan's women's hall of fame. In 1992 Rosa Parks was awarded the peace abbey courage of conscience award. Rosa Parks was awarded by bill Clinton the presidential medal of freedom. she was awarded many more awards.

What Impact Did She Have :Rosa Parks

Rosa parks looking at something that isn't in the picture.

Rosa Parks had an impact of helping get all black people civil rights. When segregation ended she went on a bus and sat in the front seat. After this she was known as the mother of the civil rights movement Fredrick Douglas was known as the father of the civil rights movement.

How Are They Celebrated: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks in a dress wearing a pearl necklace.

Rosa Parks has her own day celebrated on February 4 which is her birth day. in the states of Ohio and Oregon they celebrate it on the day she was arrested December 1. Rosa parks is a big role model. I guess that's why she has her own day.

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