Star Land * Don't shoot for the stars be the star! *

Star Land is located in Honolulu Hawaii, our motto is "Don't shoot for the stars be the star." Our seal is a big star, our mission statement is to be friends with all those you meet and to belive in yourself and others. The community rules are there fir a reason but are very loose rules.

  • required to go to school
  • 2 hours of social gatherings a week
  • at age 20 you can decide to get married and have kids
  • everyone has the same stuff so nobody can show off or boast
  • everyone who is homeless can be homed
  • anybody can have a job
  • nobody can have any weapons to intentionally hurt someone
  • can't take photos or documents to blackmail someone
  • can't wear clothes with naught words or pictures on them.

normally we gut up at 8:00 AM and can't be out later than 1:00 AM. We have a good government and its one that isn't always leaving you with questions. everyone is i skins and forgivable to each other no blackmail, and we believe in each other an ourselves.


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