Kalalau Valley


Endemic to the islands of Hawaii, a sub species of the short-eared owl is in grave peril. Studies have found that few of these endangered creatures exist and a unique sighting such as this one is as allusive as their existence. Walking a ridgeline on the Nā Pali coastline, Chad Copeland and his local assistant were greeted by the Pueo.



Flying along the Nā Pali coastline was something that I had always wanted to do. Seeing the blue Pacific Ocean lead up to the base of the colorful Jurrasic ridgelines and they sunk into the deep was one of the top experiences I've had in my world travels.

Kauai Aerial Relief

Galapagos Sharks

An encounter with sharks is something to be reviered. They cut through the water with surgical precision and with sensors all over their bodies, they truly are in incredible species.

A special moment between mother and calf.

humpback whales

Male humpback whales are the only whales in the ocean that sing. What's remarkable is a juvenile will work on a song for a numbe of years and once perfected sing it loud and proud. Other males will pick up on the song and serinate females with it. Songs have been known to make their way around the entire earth and are unique to the migratory hemisphere.

5-day old calf in the South Pacific Ocean





Village at Sunriver

57100 Beaver Drive Building 24 Suite 110, Sunriver, OR 97707



Chad Copeland presents, the Pacific.

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