Goodlife Tour of the Museum of natural history james crouse

The Calusa Exhibit

Nature on Display: This exhibit demonstrated the deep connections humans and nature share. The natives where a perfect example to do this because of their connection to nature. Nature was everything to them, they lived off the land and in some cases even worshiped it. They share a connection to nature that few have nowadays. It made me feel an appreciation for the land around me because the Calusa lived in south Florida, very close to where I am right now. They derived so much meaning from the land, when now it is just being destroyed by us.

Butterfly Exhibit

Nature and Ethics: The butterfly exhibit really demonstrates the vast amount of biodiversity on the earth. It shows thousands of different species of butterfly which really puts humanity into perspective. We always think of ourselves as the top priority of earth, when in fact it sustains millions of different species of plants and animals. This display just really shows the depth of diversity just in butterflies. It made me feel a deeper want to sustain biodiversity on earth.

Florida Fossils Exhibit

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Fossils in the Florida exhibit make you think of how humans fit into the whole time line of the universe. It allows you to take a look at what the world was like before the current era. This kind of puts a perspective on our place in the universe. Once we accept that we are a tiny blink when compared to the universe you can really appreciate it. A museum just kind of helps us see that.

Fun for the whole family.


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