Titanic By: Trevor Price

"Hi I'm Joe, whats your name?" I asked to a person that looked to be my age, "Joey, did you see that person who honked all over the floor after he ate some fish?Because it was crazy." Joey said, "No, but I did see one guy get conked tying to sneak on the boat and said he did have tickets but he didn't and he wouldn't leave then he tried to run in and the guard conked him." I told him "Wow this has been a crazy first day." Joey said. I told him good bye because my mum grabbed me and said we had to go to our first class suite and then eat. At dinner I told my mum about the man who was conked and then I told her how the rozzer had to come and get him. She said okay and then my dad said that he saw a very good gambling room and said he would go there tonight. "Okay just make sure you don't get into a fight because we don't wan't you to paste anyone because you had a paddy" I told him "Don't worry i'll be fine" said my dad "But i'm sure there will be plenty of people steaming in there some will be over tosh and only the little bucks" My dad told me.If i'm spawny tomorrow then its possible that I could get into the storage room without being spotted.Most people would call me being numpty though.I am hoping to get in the storage room tomorrow to check out all those things that people have brought on this ship.I am not going to wag off I repeat to myself,I just wish that there was an idiot box on this ship because I love it.Even when my mum says it is just lots of tosh.I just say to her that she has lost her marbles.She always acts miffed when I do that though even if she knows i'm joking.I have been looking around and it looks like there are skints on this ship that shouldn't be here.There are also lots of nobs and numpty people here.When I walk past the gambling room there is usually lots of argy-bargy.During that some people sound chuffed though,I never knew why though but i'm hoping to find that out soon.My friend Joey, is a real corker.He is amazing, and he is a really good friend,and he is in second class.He is just blinding at running, he is so fast I tell him he will be the fastest one day.And at night is where he is amazing, he is like a ninja and sometimes we even earwig when we hear something that will be good to listen to.But then one day it was over because I remember waking up in the very late night or very early morning(I don't know I just was woken up by my mum and dad) and we went up to the top deck and we couldn't all get onto a life boat together.It would be me and mum that would live, so we all stayed and listened to the music while we went down into the cold, dark, scary ocean.

British word meaning:



Make sure you avoid the rozzer

3.conked=blow to the head or the nose

4.paste=to hit ,punch, or beat throughly

5.paddy= a temper tantrum.

6. spawny=lucky

7.steaming= very mad and very drunk


9.wag off=to waste time

10.idiot box=a television set

Here is an idiot box

11.marbles=Wit, intelligence, or good sense.

Don't lose your marbles

12.miffed=Upset or offended.

13.skint=Without money, broke, bankrupt.

14.nob=Person of high social status, snob.

15.numpty=An incompetent or unwise person.

16.blinding=An adjective for excellence.

17. argy-bargy=An argument or heated confrontation.

18.chuffed=To be very pleased about something.

19.corker=Someone or something that/who is outstanding. A standout.

20.earwig=To eavesdrop.


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