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Lesson 1- Playground basics

This are the 5 apps that I use the most in my daily life. Basically I use them when I dont have nothing to do and I need something for entretainment.

INSTAGRAM- this app is the one that I use the most, I can see everything that I want to see in there, I mainly see soccer videos, I upload few photos, but the main purpose is to entretain myself.

YOUTUBE- this app I use it when I am not in a good mood so I see videos to laugh and I see motivational videos about life and soccer too. What I see the most is soccer videos I love to see best plays of my favorite players.

CIRCLE- this app I mainly use it when I am bored with nothing to do, or when im waiting for something. Its fun because you can beat your high score and when you do, you just want more.

FACEBOOK- this app I use it for homework and to talk with my family and friends, I also like to see the videos because you learn something new in almost every video.

WHATSAPP- this app I only use it for talking with my girlfriend all day and to now about my soccer team, and teams of school, and to talk to my dad sometimes.

LESSON 2: Naming and Identifiers

This are the apps that I think that will be good.

An app that tells you a good diet for your weight and your metabolism, that helps you to be healthier and better with yourself.

An app that tells you what to do in your free day because there are sometimes that you dont know and you dont go out because of the time.

An app that helps you to combine clothes and to tell you what you should wear according to the weather.

An app that gives you strange entretainment, like when you dont have nothing to do and you enter the app and not only entretains you but you lear stuff from it.

LESSON 3: Strings

The creator of the app first need to ask himself, what are the necesities of the people?, what is something they really need? This are some important questions that can help youto create a great app.

The best thing is to make an app for any ages so that more people can use them, also that the app can be easily used so theres no complication.

Pokemon go is an app for you to make exercise finding pokemons all around the place.
Snapchat allows you to communicate with other people by photos
Score is an app to check the results of any sport you like.
Netflix allow you to see a variety of movies online.
You can type anything and search anything and google will find it.
Spotify you can hear any song that you like through this app.
Mercado libre is an app for you to buy and sell things online.
Printerest is an app for you to find whatever stuff you like, good ideas.
With shazam you can hear any song you like and it will tell you the name.
This is my favorite game it was created for tennagers that like to beat other highscores.
This game is for entretain the teenagers and is to beat your highscore.
Cinepolis you can check the availability of any movie you want and the prices.
This is a game that you can choose your theme and it will ask you some questions about the selected theme.
icon pop quiz you need to guess what is the picture.
this app will tell you everything you should know about your phone.


I saw different apps, but I concentrate more in games, and those games where made mainly for the kids and babies, like they can have a better learning and develop some talents. Others are for utility or work those are more for adults.


The app that tells you what clothes you should use because of the eather or you mood, and the colors could help you with the every morning struggle of what you should use.


-My app will help people to dont waste to much time in the morning

-Its very tedious to choose your clothes because you always change your mind

-name: MorningTaste

-It will help people to choose better clothes, and dont waste time.


With the technology that we have in the near future we can have some awesome apps that have feautures very unique and that have more interaction with the user .



Theres an app, intagram that allows you to see photos and videos, the thing its thta you cant save pictures and you cant pause a video.

Another app that can be improve is the champions app it should allow you to see the goals at the moment.

The features are very simple but that can be improved and can help people to have what they want.

Lesson 10

I would like my app to have some good features because the people can use it better so like that they will like that app and use it everyday.

I would like my app with not many colors, make it simple and elegant so it could make everyone like it.

I would lik emy app to make cool sound when you click things and make the people enjoy more the app when they are using it.

Lesson 11

I consider my app similar to snapchat because it give you some cool features that can benefit you, like all the news, the things that are happening all around the world, somo nutrition advices, some stuff about videogames, it can adjust to every people life, it also have good colors and good sound, it have like extra features like the shazam and the saving photos by screenshot them.

The users use this app because they enjoy the time in the app, it haves so many stuff to do, you can talk with friends and you can se whatever you like.

What I really like about this app is that you have lots of fun when you are bored and with nothing to do, theres always new stuff to see and some filters that are funny.

I use instagram everyday because I can see what is happening all around the world I can see sports videos and they entretain me, I can see my friends doing cool stuff.

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