Sweets Day March 11th

Everybody likes sweets right? Who doesn't like chocolate? They taste so good! The 19th centurary boiled sweets, that's how they were developed. 1850 marsh mellows and fudge was invented. Thank gosh to the people who had the idea to create those!

Chocolate was invented 3,100 years ago by the Aztec.
The variety of sweets here are candy corn, M&Ms, candy molds, and gummy bears.

Why I think that Sweets Day should be a holiday is because your parents say eat healthy and you'll be strong, eat healthy and you'll grow. Now we have an excuse to eat sweets or chocolate. You have to eat at least one sweet or chocolate on this day, even if your on a diet! It's an excuse don't take it for granted. Make Sweets Day a holiday!

This is dove chocolate.
These are one of my favorite chocolates, they are called turtles.

In the picture above there is a wide variety of sweets and chocolates. There has to be one you like. There's a wide variety of different sizes and flavore, one of them have to at least fit your taste bud cravings!

Some fun facts about this holiday is: 1. All sweets and chocolates would be 50% off. 2. You have to at least try one sweet or chocolate. 3. Some chocolate factories that are found in Indy are Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Best Chocolate in Town, and Endangered species chocolate. 4. The top chocolates are brittles, truffles chews, and crunchy nut covered chocolates. 5. There is usually 155 calories in one chocolate. 6. There is a average of 5 hazel swirls in one can. 7. There is a average of 7 candies or chocolate in one cup or tin. 8. Cocoa can ward off tooth decay. 9. In the USA. Halloween is the sweetest holiday of the year, we get a lot of sweets and chocolate from trick or treating. 10. M&Ms actually stand for Mars& Murries. The M used to be black instead of white. The M on one side didn't appear till 1950.

A reason why we should celebrate this day is just for fun! You get to have at least one or a half sweet or chocolate for a day. Although I feel bad for people who have diabetes. Then this day won't work out as good. But you can still have a little. Let's celebrate this day to have fun and enjoy sweets and chocolates!

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