The Agricultural Revolution First, Second, and Third

The First Agricultural Revolution:

(The Neolithic Revolution 11,000 years ago)

The Neolithic Revolution

During this revolution, humans went from hunter-gatherers to farmers. They had to start domesticating plants. This helped them to support themselves better. They planted basic crops like corn and beans. They didn't have many tools to use.

The Second Agricultural Revolution


The Second Agricultural Revolution

This was a time when tools started to be used in farming. Basic tools were created to make some of the work easier. It also helped to increase production. Some tools were the plow and the sickle.

The Third Agricultural Revolution

(The Green Revolution, 1970s-now)

The Green Revolution

During this revolution, even more advanced tools were created. This made farming even more efficient than it already was. The development of more complex machines and GMOs made products more profitable and easier to farm.


GMOs are genetically modified organisms. They are crops whose DNA has been altered to make them more resistant to different things. But this comes with set backs because then the plant has a chance of being harmful to the consumer.


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