The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Created by Ryan Cirella

The Spatial Experience

Photo credit to Jaret White. When going into the auditorium and the lights dimmed I got the feeling of overwhelming interest in whatever topic was about to be brought to light. The dimming of the lights created a focus on the stage that led me to focus solely on that once the play began. The small to medium sized auditorium created a more personal feeling for me as it made me feel as if they were performing for me alone. The role that place plays in the good life is that when the place is designed to intrigue the individual it leads to more of a feeling of belonging and acceptance by your surroundings.

The Social Experience

I attended this play with three of my friends. To prepare for this play an hour or so before the start I googled the play in order to get more information on its subject and reviews. I then met up with my friends at one of their dorms to head out together and got to the play a little after 7. The role of shared experiences in the good life is that it seems that whenever doing things in a group the overall experience is heightened and I seem to have more fun doing it. If I didn't have my friends with me I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the play nearly as much.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play helped to grasp the full meaning of what it is to live in a society that questions your every move. I was able to connect this play to my own life because I saw the way that characters in the play would seemingly struggle with the social and religious standing in regards to what the situations in place throughout society responded like. I was also able to see the ways that other people reacted in potentially similar or different ways when I stayed to talk to the audience and the performers during the talk back.

The Emotional Experience

The way that Dr. Pagan explains the theatrical experience as a whole is very accurate for the impact of this play. This play has topics throughout that lead the viewer to become potentially uncomfortable. All of the topics one is usually told to avoid like religion, social status of others, women's rights and the importance of art are present throughout this play and are extremely prevalent. This leads to the topic of katharsis where I as well as my friends were forced to discuss and think about our positions on all these topics and essentially "come clean"


Created with images by 5zal_Photography - "steelwool firespin art" • Unsplash - "audience crowd people" • nahid-v - "Mask"

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