Energy Conversions By Raghav Sreekumar

Types of energy and Forms of energy

Kinetic energy and Potential energy are two different types of energy. Electric, Thermal (heat), Light, and Mechanical energy are different forms of Kinetic energy.

Electric energy
Chemical Energy

Nuclear energy and Chemical energy are different forms of Potential energy.

Energy Conversions

From my writing in my P.L.T.W notebook, I learned 3 different energy conversions, Flashlight conversion, LED and coin battery conversion, and a generator conversion.

Flashlight conversion

Flashlight conversion - Chemical energy (Battery) converts to electric energy, then the electricity runs through wires and it converts to light energy and lights the bulb. After the conversion, there is also a bit of heat generated which is the thermal energy.

LED and Coin battery Conversion

LED and coin battery conversion - Chemical energy (Coin battery) converts to electric energy, the metal bars conduct electricity and lights the LED(Light emitting Diode).

Generator conversion - When you turn the crank, the mechanical energy triggers an event that causes the Chemical energy from the battery to convert to electric energy, then the electricity flows through the wires and lights up the LED and generates heat/thermal energy.

Food pantry conveyor belt

Conveyor belt - food pantry system

Energy used - potential energy, mechanical energy, sound energy

Energy conversion -The chemical energy we got from our breakfast and lunch was used to crank the wheel on the shaft, and the cranking part was mechanical energy.

Meeting a human need or want - This meets a want because it reduces the amount of energy needed to move the box by 12 inches and it is not a need because it is not a necessity and there are different ways to achieve the same results.


Our team was partially successful, and we got partial credit because it moved a few inches. Nothing affected our results with energy conversion, but the second row of gears were spinning the opposite way of the first gears, causing friction.

Improvements for next time

Next time, we should fix the backward gear problem, and probably add fenders on the side to keep the box from sliding off. Also, we should add more gears so that it travels a longer distance!


Created with images by ralphbijker - "motion gears -team force"

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