Episode 9

In a galaxy far far away, our hero Obi-Wan Kenobi was being chased by TIE fighters. One of the fighters hit his ship. He soon approached an unknown planet and had to take an emergency landing and hoped to lose his foes. Obi-Wan then tells his droid to eject and says that he will be back. Now our brave R4-P17 is on the search for his master.

R4-P17 has been searching for his master for quite some time. His power is steadily going down. While looking for Obi-Wan, he's also looking for anyone willing to help the droid. A few moments later, he hears a sound. As he looks at the direction of the sound, he cant believe at the creature that he sees.

It appears to be a creature with no flesh or any organs. Somehow, it's still able to move. The creature seems to be getting closer to R4-P17. The creature doesn't seem to be attacking the droid but R4 isn't going to give it any opportunity.

R4 then begins to attack the creature and chases it away. They both eventually get tired and then they somehow are able to communicate with each other with beeps, roars, and a few gestures. R4 then tells the creature of his problem and the search of his master.

The creature agrees to help the droid with his search and they are off on their way.

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