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Why the Southern Colonies were founded

The main reason the Southern Colonies were founded was because people wanted money by starting plantations or farms, but some of them were founded so Catholics could have land to practice their own religion. Georgia was founded because they needed to block the Spanish from trying to attack Carolina because Carolina was a rich colony.

The Southern Colonies' geography


The climate in the Southern Colonies is much warmer than in the New England and Middle Colonies, for it is more closer to equator. The climate is very good for growing plants because of its long growing season.


The land is amazing for growing plants because of its rich soil. The land in Southern Colonies is also bigger than the Middle and New England Colonies, giving you more space to grow crops. These big areas for growing plants are called plantations.

Natural Resource

The Southern Colonies' main natural resource are different types of plants! These types include tobacco, rice, cotton, wheat, and much much more. Growing plants is one of the big ways to sell and make money. In the the Southern Colonies, you can grow more than enough crops for a family!

The Southern Colonies Economy

People in the Southern Colonies made money by growing crops like tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, wheat, and so much more. They also made money by shipping things over to someone, like sending something from Carolina to Georgia. They were close to the ocean, so they also made money by fishing. Lastly, they made money by selling slaves.


Did you know that the Southern Colonies do 2/3 of trading in the U.S.A.?! It's true, back then most people wanted plants and crops because in the Middle and New England Colonies, the ground was rocky so they couldn't grow crops, but in the Southern Colonies, the soil was rich and there were long growing seasons so they could grow crops all year long. This made the people from the Middle and New England Colonies want them. So they traded with them, and that's how they had 2/3 of trading in the U.S.A.

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