Fish In a Tree By Lynad Mullaly Hunt

The main characters are Ally,Albert,Keshia,Jessica and also Shay and also Mr.Daniels these are the main characters in the book.
Ally's trait would be Curious Cause she always want to know more and Albert's trait would be Nerdy he can't stop correcting everyone and can't stop talking about star track, Keisha would be creative because in her cupcakes she always has a surprise in the cupcakes has a 3 letter word, Jessica and also Shay would be rude cause they always talk about other people and keep on calling ally a freak through the story and they never have anything good to say about anyone
The setting Is at Ally's school where she made the first three best friends of her 6th grade year when she is there she gets tutored by her teacher Mr.Daniels so she can do better in school. Another setting is Ally's moms work she goes there to go talk to here mom and get ice cream with her friends but the ice cream for ally and her friends is half off

The problem in the book is she gets bullied by other kids because she can't learn like other kids because she has dyslexia and has to get tutored by her own teacher and they call her dumb and also a freak because she thinks differently from other kids and they think that is weird

A important event in the book was when Ally decided to stay after school to get help from her teacher Mr.Daniels because this says that Ally really wants to try. It takes courage to say that you need more after school and stay longer with your teacher and getting the extra help that you need help with and another important event was when. Albert stood up to the other kids because they were picking on Ally and also Keshia because he never stood up to them in the story so he would always end up with bruises and sometimes even a a black eye and when Ally gives Mrs.Hall the sympathy card

I loved the book because it told me that you can't judge a book for its cover so it tells us that it doesn't make you weird just because you think differently from everyone else this book told me if I believe in myself. I can get through any obstacle that stands in my way it doesn't matter how you do just be different from everyone else and you can stick for who you want to be. This book was great if i could rate it a I would give 5 starts because this book can make you feel that anything is possible that is why i think that this book is great. This book also says that you don't need other people to like because you want to fit in this book is a book i would read if i was feeling down

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