CELEBRATE LIFE CAMPUS Pure organic living. Ecstatic Working. Inspiring Creations.


Shaping a new way of living, creating and sharing

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A place for enthusiastic visionary's


Experience the stunning beauty of organic living and ecstatic working. Unfold your true potential, express your talents and share them with the world. The campus is a place where like minded people meet and create together.

Creations from the heart for a new world to unfold.

Dancing and being in love with the elements.

The celebrate life campus is a place where magic happens on a daily base.

Exploring and experiencing life in her fullness and richness.

Raw and naked.

Sexy, full of love and bliss.


Pure organic living. Ecstatic Working. Inspiring Creations.

Christian Walker's vision is a place surrounded by the beauty of nature. Build with purely organic materials and shapes. Shapes that accelerate and multiply our creativity. A place build by enthusiastic people.

A place where you feel vibrantly alive. Living and working in inspiring spaces and buildings where you feel connected to your true self.

A place where you feel at home. A place where you feel seen and loved.

Enjoying raw, natural and self grown food. Waking up in the middle of nature. Listening to the birds. Showering in the rain.

Enjoying yourself by dancing in ecstasy, taking a shower under a waterfall, enjoying delicious food in the café or meditating in the sphere.

Sleeping in a bed made of pinus cembra, cocooned in fine linen, observing the cosmos and the stars trough the roof top.

Unfolding your talents and growing with the support of others. Living an authentic, naked and honest life.

Co Creating with like minded artists stunning products for an inspiring world in evolution and future generations to come.

Treating yourself with ecstatic tantra massages in the most stunning Tantra temple or enjoying the bliss of Yoga in a stunning surrounding.

Welcome Visionary!

Want to feel vibrantly alive. Experiencing magic on a daily basis. Living an abundant lifestyle. Sourrounded by stunning beauty. Exploring and unfolding your true potential and sharing your talents with the world.

Are you enthusiastic about life and the new world to come and want to shape a new way of living, creating and sharing.

Do you love beautiful design, nature and the cosmos? Are you corious about universal laws of nature and want to experience life at its fullest? Do you love working with natural materials and are interested in supporting us to manifest our vision?

We are looking for visionary's, healers, artists, experts, investors, landowners who want to be part of this beautiful adventure.

Let's get in touch! I am corious who you are, what you are passionate about and what talents you want to share with the world.

Looking forward reading from you on cw@christianwalker.ch


"Shaping a new way of living, creating and sharing."

A place where magic happens on a daily base.


www.christianwalker.ch | Geimoosstrasse 10 | 8712 Stäfa | Switzerland

Christian Walker - Creator of the CELEBRATE LIFE CAMPUS - Holistic Designer, Energy Artist, Beauty Lover, Mystic and Wellbeing Expert