Victorian Factories By: Chance McCoy

The industrialization of Europe in the 19th century led to the continent having unrivald power and influence. The factory allowed mass production of items that pushed European society to the frontier of the Brave New World. Their power could be felt everywhere thanks to the ingenuity of the factory.

Why were Europeans obsessed with production? During the 19th century, trade was key to a nation's wealth. All the colonial powers of Europe battled continuosly for an edge in the world market. This ideology led to the Industrial Revolution, which made the production of items exponentialy higher. This influx of goods to the world market made Europe the hub of trade around the world. This Eurocentrism allowed unrivaled power for those who had industrialized. The 19th century was truely the age of the factory.

How did Europe aquire the factory and what contributed to it? The Industrial Revolution started in the United Kingdom during the early 19th century. It first began with the textile industry with the invention of the mill. It centralized production and made the system of weaving cloth more efficient. As technological innovations kept being created, the factory became more prevalent in society. Eventually, artisans became outmatched by the faster and more cost effective factory. This led to mass urbanization of these unemployed workers to the cities.

A polidical cartoon of pollution

How did factories effect peoples lives? While factories are a great tool for enhancing a "nation", they tend to leave citizens of those said nations in the dust. Conditions of European cities in the 19th century were abysmal. They tended to have no drainage system, so anything that was not need was usally dumped into a river. This system was okay for awhile but when factories came along, it completely broke the system. Factories tended to use harsh chemicals so when it was dumped, a strong sour oder would engulf the entire city. An example of this would be the Great Stink of London. In 1858, London had became a major industrial area and all the waist had fermented into a lump that baked in the hot sun. Overall, city life was disgusting during Victorian England.

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