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Are you curious about yin and yang, your 5 element type, and how to eat with the seasons, and use acupressure? My friend and colleague has a new course that will help you understand yourself in a whole new way, and open up a whole new dimension of self-care.

The Basics of Chinese Medicine: Your Inner Ecosystem is an learn-from-anywhere course that will demystify acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

It’s for

anyone who wants to make more medicinal choices in their daily lives.

It’s also for health professionals who’ll use this knowledge to help their clients, and yoga, tai chi or qi gong practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the subtle body.

“If there is one class you take this year or this lifetime that will help you dive into simple strategies for caring for self…THIS is it!!!!. It’s a gem of a class for the curious-minded or the health-seeking individual who wants to improve their toolbox.”

-Rachael Mueller, Ph.D., Bellingham, WA

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

analyze your values and routines according to the principles of yin and yang so you can create balance in your life

begin to align your lifestyle and diet with daily and seasonal rhythms so you can digest better, have more energy, and stay healthy

identify which of the Five Elements tends to dominate for you, as well as where you are in the cycle of the Five Phases to understand yourself in a new way

determine which systems in your body tend to be out of balance, and how you might tend to them with lifestyle, diet, and acupressure

confidently select and use 10-20 acu-points for self-care

You’ll start developing a new framework for your intuition and unlock a whole new dimension of self-care possibilities.

"[Through Brodie’s Basics of Chinese Medicine class], I understand myself better and what might make me happier and healthier: how to work with my innate element and thrive. The class also helped me understand what makes the other people in my life tick and why they might act the way they do. -- Shelley Herron, San Diego, CA"

“I look forward to each module like I would the next chapter in a good novel, and each is jam-packed with an incredible amount of information, all in a highly readable and accessible form. . . The class exceeded every possible expectation."

– Phyllis Lefohn, President, MountainSpirit Qi Gong, Clancy, MT

Access the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to unlock a whole new dimension to your self-care.

You suspect that there’s a boatload of wisdom hidden in the Chinese Medicine, but when you’ve tried reading up on it, you find vague dumbed-down references to “balance” and then run into an impenetrable wall of jargon. And making sense of 3000-year-old tradition can seem daunting without a guide.

I’m a total acu-nerd. I’ve been studying, teaching, practicing, and walking the walk of Chinese Medicine since 2010 at sea, as well as in workshops and seminars. When people start looking through this new, lens they themselves, their personalities, tendencies, and symptoms in a whole new light. I love watching the light bulbs go on for people when they

· See how seemingly unrelated symptoms often tie together neatly

· Identify when their greatest strength becomes a liability, and find greater compassion for themselves and those they love in discovering their Five Element type

· Start to lose weight and feel less bloated when they apply the theory of digestive fire, food energetics, and eating in daily and seasonal rhythms

· Know what points to press on or to anoint with an essential oil when they can’t sleep, need to calm down, or have a headache

When you enroll, you’ll get:

o 20-30 minutes of an audio lecture so you can listen in your car, at the gym or while you’re washing dishes.

Highlighted transcripts of the lecture in case you like to read and take notes

Point location reference sheets for ongoing self-care with acupressure

Short point location videos to maximize your accuracy

Fun quizlets and exercises to reinforce the material

What we’ll cover:

Module 1: Introduction to the Chinese Medical worldview; Qi, meridians, points; diagnostic and treatment tools; a brief history; foundational assumptions of both Chinese and allopathic medicine.

Module 2: Cycles of change; the laws of yin and yang; the Five Phases; the creation and control cycles; the fractal universe.

Modules 3-7: explore each of the 5 elements and major organ systems; the physiological, psychological, and emotional aspects of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, as well as the multidimensional functions of the Kidney, Liver, Heart, Spleen, and Lung. You’ll get diagrams of each of the 12 main acupuncture meridians, with detailed point location instructions for a selection of the most powerful points on the body. You’ll also get self-care tips for each element and learn how to use food as medicine for each organ system.

Module 8: Putting it All Together: the Chinese body clock; causes of disease; the role of emotions; acupressure basics; the uses and limits of constitutional typing; the energetics of food and how to eat with the seasons.

Ready to empower yourself?

Questions You May Have

Q: Sounds really cool, but is this course for me?

A: This course is designed especially for:

· Curious, health-minded people who want to take better care of themselves, better understand themselves and their loved ones.

· Holistic health professionals like massage therapists, nurses, health coaches, naturopaths, and essential oil practitioners who want to leverage the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to help their clients.

· Practitioners of yoga, qi gong, or martial arts who want to deepen their knowledge of qi / prana, and how it flows in the body

This course isn’t for you if you’re already licensed to practice Chinese Medicine – unless you want basically a recap of your first year of Basic Theory.

Q: What if life gets busy and I can’t keep up with the course?

A: You choose the pace. All the lectures, pdfs, audio lectures, point location videos, and call recordings are yours to download and keep forever, so you can go back through them any time.

Q: What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

A: Because the course is 100% downloadable, refunds are not possible.

Q: Will I able to practice acupuncture after taking this course?

A: Not even close. J Most states require a 3000-hour Master’s Degree and a license in most US states / countries. But if you’ve ever wanted to sit in on what acupuncturists learn, this course takes you behind the curtain.


Antonika Chanel

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