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It is often said that the Ming Dynasty allowed China to be what it is today, according to many people it played a major role in allowing China to become a global superpower. Some even say that the Ming Dynasty influenced chinese trade and culture, many of this can be seen today as China continues to grow economically. The Ming Dynasty did excel and was very successful, however as a dynasty they performed better in some areas of society as compared to others.

There is little to no doubt that the area the Ming dynasty strived best in was Art/culture, looking back on this dynasty it is clear to see the impact there culture and priceless artwork has left on the modern day world/china. One example of how art was the area the Ming excelled most in was the fact that throughout the ming dynasty there were many new developments in ceramics. Three major types of decoration emerged: monochromatic glazes, this including celadon, red, green, and yellow; underglaze copper red and cobalt blue; and overglaze, or enamel painting, sometimes combined with underglaze blue. The latter, often called “blue and white,” was imitated in Vietnam, Japan, and, from the 17th century, in Europe. Many of this type of porcelain was produced in the huge factory at Jingdezhen in present-day Jiangsu industry. In one of the articles it stated "One of the period’s most-influential wares was the stoneware of Yixing in Jiangsu province, which was exported in the 17th century to the West, where it was known as boccaro ware and imitated by such factories as Meissen." This demonstrates how the form of art developed and used durning the Ming dynasty has had an impact on industries, the form of art as seen on ancient vases has become so popular that people now mass produce. Also several foreign countries imitated the methods used to create these pieces which goes to show the Ming are remembered for the priceless art that was produced.

Ranking second on the PERSIA list is Intellectual achievments, the Ming produced many astounding One key example of how culture is where the Ming excelled can be located in the website (article The Forbidden City is a large location of red walls and yellow roof tiles located withen the heart of China’s capital, Beijing. The boardered off area can be considered to be a micro-city, its smaller than an actual city but far too large to be considered a residence. IT measuring 961 meters in length and 753 meters in width, the Forbidden City is composed of more than 90 palace compounds including 98 buildings and surrounded by a moat as wide as 52 meters. The ming have been known for ground breaking

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