Violence Leah parson, ryan petersoN, seth weibler, evaN white

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Introduction .... 1

"Passing on the Torch" painting and poem by Leah Parson. ....2

"Childhood" by Ryan Peterson .....3

"Girl Soldiers" by Ryan Peterson. .....3

"Boy Soldiers" by Ryan Peterson .....3

Documentary: The Connection between Violence, Soldiers, and War by Seth Weibler ....4

"Stealing" by Evan White .....4

Bibliography .....5


Imagine two boys are standing in front of you; one is clean,holding a football, wearing jeans with a nice t-shirt, his skin has never been damaged. You look at the other boy: he's holding an AK-47, his clothing is tattered, blood covered and his skin is full of bullet wounds. What is the cause of these differences? The answer is the affects of violence. In the memoir "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah he has seen this sight first hand. This book shows his story on experiencing violence as a young boy and the PTSD that follows afterwards. Child Soldiers suffer from nightmares, intense sadness, flashback and of course PTSD. In fact, ninety percent of child soldiers have dealt with domestic abuse and have been beaten or shot. Violence can be impulsive, reactive, or offensive, and can predatory. This connects to the loss of innocence which is caused by environment and, children learning mature topics too young.

In this life, we could show how violence has a negative effects on people because it shows how violence is not the right way to go. All it does is cause conflict, despair, and death by the wrong hands of people. Leah Parson's "Passing on the torch" will inform others of the loss of innocence. Ryan Peterson's "Childhood, Boy Soldiers, and Girl Soldiers" will express the physical affects of violence on Sierra Leone children.Seth Weibler's documentary will enlighten others on the connection between war, soldiers, and violence. Finally, Evan White's "stealing" will delight your ears and give you better understanding of the effects of violence physically.

Passing on the Torch by Leah Parson

Handing a gun to a child is equivalent to telling them that Santa is not real on Christmas morning.

It symbolizes a loss of childhood, a loss of innocence.

Ripped limbs of dolls and teddy bears becomes ripped limbs of human bodies.

Young eyes learn by what they see,

you can never grow with a false perception of reality through war and toil.

This painting was made to depict a loss of innocence due to violence. The little boy has a gun strapped onto his back with the older man guiding him to show a "passing on the torch" idea. The child soldiers in Sierra Leone were taken from their families and homes and sent into war and had to leave their whole childhood behind. I chose the vibrant color scheme to have a childish approach. The man and the boy are looking into the sunset as if looking into what is to come. I had a lot of inspiration from German expressionism.

Childhood by Ryan Peterson

I'm a child born in my home

Sierra Leone

I live my life with joy and pride

Sierra Leone is my home spreading far and wide

The boys play soccer and joke

while the men load their rifles and smoke

The girls learn with their mothers on how to provide

for their families will soon divide

This is where the children of Sierra Leone come to die.

As the rebels advance

we get to see our parents for one final glance

People run and scream

Oh I hope this is all just a dream!

One that I can escape from afar

but my loved ones blood on my shoulder is the only bar,

From this nightmarish hell


we witnesses it as well

We watch our houses burn

as our anger takes a turn

We have nothing left to love

Except the raining of our enemies blood

Boy Soldiers by Ryan Peterson

My mother and father are gone

luckily there's a war that has begun

An opportunity to avenge my parents and their love

so I step in line and stab the dove

for my war has begun.

The canes hit hard as

I fall determined

The black marks the blood dripping from my forehead

it's the only thing that will get me ahead

To my revenge

no one can understand how much I want to avenge

When they burn my skin

I can only think back to my house burning

so my anger is urging

Even when they lock me up

my hatred for the rebels will never stop.

When we refuse pot

We are ordered to be shot

I fear if I disobey they will slay myself and the anger of Sierra Leone

So I take the abuse even when I feel I'll lose all alone

For I'm a soldier

my life is gone

my loved ones are gone

my childhood is gone

Girl "Soldiers" by Ryan Peterson

My mother and father are gone

I have nothing left to love

No one to adore

So I must fight for my vengeance

For I've lost clear sight

that makes me want to fight

so I stab the dove and take flight

Unfortunately men fight the wars

and the women are whores

Who get no real life except for infected sores

And the AIDS that come along

as my pregnancy is wrong

They crush me beat me to take "my child"

why are they wild?

Almost like monkeys as they abuse my body

I will never be able to love anybody

For I'm a soldier wife

my life is gone

my loved ones are gone

my childhood is gone

Documentary: The Connection Between War, Soldiers, and Violence by Seth Weibler

"Stealing" by Evan White


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